Notes for "Stryde's Drifter CarTunes"

These are all from car sounds, with the exception of the water drops added to “Tears for the Queen of Smoke.”

My nephew Stryde loves drifter hotrods, and he got me hooked on a show HyperDrive.  (Stryde said the show was “kind of sad--the cars get really beat up,” and so he couldn’t watch it.  Tender child! I loved it!) I got some drifter car sounds from the internet and made these tunes from manipulating those sounds.  With the exception of the water drops in “Tears…” all the sounds are from those car sounds--squealing brakes, drifting, crashes, motor revving, etc.  The pieces are heavy on the car sounds, and light on “tunes.”  I thought Stryde would enjoy listening to those more than pretty melodies…. Mind you, this is a kid who made a video of himself just changing gears in his car on his drive home.

Higa’s Hum  Watching the young Brazilian driver, Higa, was akin to seeing Mozart in a hotrod.  I initially wanted to make a delicate piece illustrating that special genius--but that didn’t work out.  

Shredder’s Checkers or Wreckers  Shredder was a rather rambunctious driver who took chances in his racing, eventually wrecking the back end of his car.  The first half of this piece is based on tires screeching from braking for the impending crash, which is then the second half of the piece.

Tears for the Queen of Smoke  The “Queen of Smoke” was the name given to a young woman from South Africa.  A very talented driver, she and her father gave up everything to enter this race.  Her first attempt was ruined when her car got water in the engine in one of the first obstacles.  The water drops are the only things that aren’t car sounds.

Timing Belt  I created a very boring 4/4 drum beat (still all from the car sounds), then processed it all through various timing, filter and panning fx, and then ramped it up from 120 to 180.    Again, all car sounds.

Wreckless Revs  Wreckless was a nickname given to one of the drivers.  I thought Stryde might enjoy just hearing various manipulations of the revs.  

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