Notes for "I Glimpse the Cliffs"

My intent was to create that feeling I get when cliffs and bluffs come in and out of sight in a snowstorm.

The entire piece was based on sounds from my little cymbal.  The opening was the basic sound run backwards.  I had a problem with it in that it had some bad hiss in the beginning where it was quietest, (probably the refrigerator or pellet stove when I was recording it).  I finally figured out what frequency had the hiss, and was able to automate an EQ setting in the first couple seconds to pull down the hiss, but then pull back the full EQ once the sound took over.  Felt pretty smug about that.

A lot of the instruments have effects.  There’s one neat spot early on where there’s an “echo” that goes between ears, each echo successively going up an octave, which was simply a serendipitous find (as is most of my music):  Soundtoys--Crystallizer--Crystals--Long Octave Crystals.

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