Notes for "Egon the Little Goat Takes Control"

Egon is a little goat that came to live with me for one day, and then I had to give him to a friend because my bigger goats were too violent with him.  With his new friends, who are twice his size, he quickly gained control:  They didn’t have horns, and he does.

Made from my rock sounds from Rock Creek and the toy cymbal.  The rock sounds are on the beginning and ending sections, and the toy cymbal are in the middle.  The transition sound to the middle cymbal section is a cymbal run backwards, giving a long crescendo that seems to come in without notice.  The quick transition crescendo back to the rock section is a rock sound also reversed, but not as long.  The flute-like melodic sounds are all filtered rock sounds (HALion “J Rock Medium TapKey” which was originally filtered through the Phase Plant sampling program.)  The unusual rhythm in the little sharp wood blockie type sound comes from the Shaperbox “Add High Note” FX preset.  

The inspiration for this was a George Antheil Toccata.  I was interested in a comment I heard from a composer that used only the big Buchla synth for her music, saying that she tried to get the unique sound of that synth (even though in her music she was desperately trying to emulate traditional sounds).  I wondered, then, about the uniqueness of the “instrument” I’m using--mainly exact digital access to the placement of sounds, and how part of that uniqueness is the ability to go faster than a human, more precisely than a human, and also to be swirling from ear to ear, rather than a single sound source confined to a particular spot on the imaginary stage.  I wanted it to sound appealing to the human ear (ie, not mechanical), yet achieving what a pianist, say, would be struggling to achieve by playing that Toccata as fast as humanly possible.  In other words, it’s a joy to finally be able to hear something faster and swirling around.  


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